modular house

Modern Modular Houses

It is houses manufactured on the basis of a wooden frame using Scandinavian technology, consisting of several parts, which are assembled at the client’s site using a truck crane in 1 day.

Our homes are fully prepared for year-round use, including interior and exterior finishes, electrical and plumbing, including a full bathroom. Heated by electric convectors.

Modular houses are a quick and high-quality solution to a complex problem.

The construction of a country house today may no longer require capital construction with equipment, large time and financial costs. You will find the solution in the construction of a modular house.

What is a modular home?

A modular house is a building consisting of factory-made sections. These are modules made of metal or wooden beams. The sections are folded and sheathed with wood, metal or other sheet materials, and a vapor barrier and insulation are installed.
Buildings are erected without a foundation and are easily dismantled and transported. The architecture of such a structure is simple, the shape is close to a parallelepiped. The simpler the shape, the easier it is to connect the module with other sections.

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